Wappa Paddleboard Olas


Olas was developed out of our founder’s love of wide paddle boards.

Introduced in 2017, it quickly became our best selling SUP.

At 36” wide, Olas can easily accommodate the kids or the dog, yet it performs well in the waves, making it easy to catch the surf.

The extra width of this board enables people with a wide stance like our founder to feel very comfortable, and despite its size Olas glides through the water with ease.

It comes with a rounded pintail which moves water off the tail and rails in a diffuse fashion. Pintail boards don’t have the raw acceleration of a squaretail, but what it lacks in off-the-mark speed it gains immensely in control and subtlety of turning angles.

The graphic symbolize waves, and was created by California designer Loirens. She loves to paddle surf, and was inspired to create this image while riding the swells near San Diego.

The extra tail width forgives minor mistakes when surfing.

Olas comes with a set of FCS honeycomb fins for added strength at a reduced weight.

Customer Testimonial Highlights

Thank you again and Kevin’s board (Olas) is even better looking in person!! Such a nice board! – Sundae R. September 7, 2018
The Olas is much lighter than I expected for a large board. and it’s great in the water. – Jack K. March 28, 2018


Dimensions 11’2” x 36” x 4.6”
Displacement 230L
Weight 12.8 kg, 28.3 lbs.
Rail Color Deep Ocean Blue
Style Surf
Center Fin 8” Honeycomb Fiberglass
Thruster Fins 4.7”
Bottom Shape Mono-Concave nose to V with double concave to tail concave

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Dimensions 11.2 × 36 × 4.6 in


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