Wappa C1 Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle




The Wappa C1 is our lightest paddle at only 640 grams, has a fully adjustable shaft and is made from 100% carbon fiber!

The carbon fiber in this paddle is 3K Twill. This means that there are 3000 filaments of carbon per strand, and the carbon is weaved in a twill pattern which is attractive and strong.

Weight: 640 grams
3K Full carbon shaft
3K carbon fiber blade
Teardrop blade shape.
Fully adjustable to suit paddlers with different heights and stroke styles.
Minimum shaft length 180 cm or 70¾”
Maximum shaft length 230 cm or 90½”
Blade Dimensions: 20.5 x 49 cm or 8.1″ x 19.3″


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